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About Us

The Music Room is your source for the best value in new, used and vintage audio gear. We specialize in delivering carefully selected and tested gear safely and securely to your door. With every sale, we strive to deliver to our customers the maximum in musical enjoyment, for the least amount of money. Our mission statement can be summarized in 3 words:

Maximum Musical Value.

Now based in beautiful Broomfield, Colorado, we've been serving customers around the globe since 2003. We specialize in well-cared for, previously used gear because that is what we are passionate about. We feel that there is nothing more fulfilling than creating a high-performance system on a budget with carefully selected used components.

Our inventory is acquired primarily from dealers, installers, manufacturers and private collectors. Everything is fully tested and function verified before being made available for sale. Our stellar reputation and world-class online feedback ratings have been earned through careful attention to detail throughout the entire process. This includes our “best in class” packaging process. We’ve invested thousands of dollars in a custom foam in place packaging system that creates a unique custom foam mold for each product. This allows us to package anything safely regardless of size, shape or weight.

Beginning in 2014, we are now opening our doors to sellers across the United States that are looking for a fair, risk-free, no-hassle way to liquidate their used gear. With just a few easy steps, a seller can have cash in the bank for their next purchase, and we will do all of the work to find a good home for the previously used gear. Because of our high-volume / low-margin approach, we are able to pay a fair rate for used gear - well above what most folks would consider to be a “wholesale” price. We can even handle 100% of the packaging and shipping regardless of your location. Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out how much your gear is worth.